New Canadian Fertility App

I was on the twitter tonight and saw a great tweet about a new App for Canadians.

Paula Shuck over at put up a post explaining the new App called Trymester APP  and an invite to a to a twitter party that will answer all your questions about it and more.


“Are you striving to get pregnant now, or in the future? Join us for a twitter party to learn more about a brand new app for all Canadians seeking more information about their reproductive health. Trymester APP is an app created for Canadians available on iPad and intended to educate all Canadians on the topic of fertility.”


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What Would You Ask Your Sperm Donor?

I am writing a piece about what questions we would ask a sperm donor if we had the chance. As a married mom with 3 sperm donor children I know I have a few questions. What about you? Whether you are a SMBC or a Lesbian Couple, another Heterosexual Couple, or a Child born via donor sperm, What questions would you ask if you could? I have a Sperm Donor who is willing to answer your questions, and his answers will be genuine and honest as they pertain to him. If you would like an answer to your question please post it here or pm me. All questions will be anonymous and I will post all answers to them once he has answered on my Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns about the article I will be writing.

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Crazy Cures for Infertility

Hi all, I am writing an article about Crazy Infertility Cures. ie: When I was coming out of the fertility clinic one day a women at the elevator noticed where I had come from and out of no where offered up some advice on how I could get pregnant. “If you start eating squash soup everyday you will get pregnant” WHAT??? Really? Why had no one told me this magic cure years ago, I would not have spent the past year or so being poked and prodded by doctors, I could have saved myself years of tears and anguish…..WOW, Thanks unknown stranger for the advice that will change my life forever. NOT!

Do any of you ladies out there who struggled with infertility have any stories of someone giving you crazy advice on how to get pregnant. Wether it was you or your husband who was the infertile one? I will not use your name in the article responses will by anonymous if you so choose.

A few examples of crazy cures so far:

A two house Mom house hold posted:  “just get drunk and sleep with a guy”

Another person wrote:  My mom told me to make sure my husband played basketball. She told me that she tried forever and then my dad started to play basketball and “miraculously ” she got pregnant!

Another example:  My stepsister asked a psychic about my infertility(I don’t know why we aren’t close). The psychic told her to tell me to wear socks during intercourse and I would get pregnant for sure.

Well you get the idea.  So send me any of the crazy things people have told you to do.


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Three Person IVF – And Why Canadians Need To Start Hearing About This!


I recently read Sarah R. Cohen’s Post on this topic:  “Three Person IVF in Canada – and why you aren’t hearing about it”. She writes:   “So, when there is such potential benefit to this therapy, why aren’t we even having this discussion in Canada? Because it is very likely illegal.  Pursuant to the always problematic Assisted Human Reproduction Act (the “AHRA”), section 5 (f) prohibits any person from knowingly altering “…the genome of a cell of a human being or in vitro embryo such that the alteration is capable of being transmitted to descendants.”  Of course, the entire purpose of Three-Person IVF is to alter the sex cell of the mother so that such alteration is inherited, and not the cell with the inheritable disease.” 

I am going to go back a bit, 2006 to be exact, and talk about a time I remember sitting in a room full of women who had already been through the fertility “system” as it would be here in Canada. These were women who had had their babies, women who had been living with their choice to use donor gametes and some who had been fighting for the Government to start regulating the industry.  They had marched with signs, written letters, made phone calls, collaborated and commiserated.  They wanted change in our Canadian system, they wanted results.  They wanted no more anonymity, no further genetic tampering, and no more compensation for would be sperm and egg donors.

Paying $ for Donor Gametes is illegal in Canada....

Paying $ for Donor Gametes is illegal in Canada….

At this time I was working on building a conference on Vancouver Island about New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies.  I was a student at the time and came across the opportunity in a round about way through an interview I was doing for my Journalism Class.  I myself at that time was just embarking on IUI using a Sperm Donor, and shortly after I starting working on the conference I got pregnant.  Through this conference I met some fantastic, yet strong minded women.  One of these women took me out to lunch.  She knew my situation and she herself had a daughter born via sperm donor in the 80’s.  She sat with me and in the nicest way she could tried to convince me to use a known sperm donor as opposed to an anonymous one.  I did not tell her we had already picked and chosen to go anonymous, and at this time I also really did not care what she had to tell me, I was a women who wanted a baby and she had no bearing on my decision.  I have since rethought that choice and written about it in many posts on my blog.  My point is, these women had conviction and they had ideas, some of which I now agree with, and some of which I feel are set in another time, a time which does not adhere to today.  I quote Sarah R. Cohen here again:  “This is just another example of how the AHRA is failing us. The potential benefits, safety, and ethical implications ought to be debated and investigated, rather than silenced without so much as a whisper by a law enacted in another time.”

My pregnancy ended in a still birth at 5 months, my baby girl had Holo Anencephaly, which meant her brain was completely absent. Let me tell you did that day ever suck.  We had wanted, waited, anguished and yearned for our baby.  It took us years to get to the point of pregnancy and the loss felt like a joke.  After all we had been through, we get pregnant with a baby with a very rare, or as the doctors called it a “One Off” diagnosis.  It didn’t make sense.  Our baby was sent off for genetic testing before we had her cremated and I also had testing done.  Results, I was not the genetic reason for this to happen, but in our situation we could never test the donor.  So we were advised to move onto another donor, and the clinic that we got our sperm donor from pulled him off the shelf, so to speak.  But now here we were, devastated and starting all over again.

May 15th - 13 weeks

My reason for telling my story is not because I think that at the point in time that we were trying to conceive we could have had any leg up on genetics or preventing any potential of a repeat to our situation, but I sure as shit know that if I had an option that i knew was out there LIKE “Three Person IVF” I would have wanted it to be my legal right here in Canada to access it.

Sarah R. Cohen uses some very key words in her post “the always problematic Assisted Human Reproduction Act (the “AHRA”),”.  On this point I could not agree more.  We as Canadians have been failed by our government and their ability to create and maintain an active, responsive, thoughtful Agency to handle these laws properly.

Not a Far off concept for our Canadian Infertile Couples!

Not a Far off concept for our Canadian Infertile Couples!

In a previous post of mine titled “Why We Need Laws and Better Understanding of those Laws” that I wrote 2 years ago I wrote this, and I feel it is very representative to how i feel about the system today:

“Another Canadian example of how laws just can’t seem to be made, enforced or even decided upon, was the creation of the Assisted Human Reproduction Agency in 2006. I remember sitting with a group of women as we were having a meeting about an upcoming conference I was part of that dealt with New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies.  When the news trickled into the meeting that this Agency was being created, there was a collective sigh of relief, it felt like this agency was so welcomed and would be just the ticket to whip our floundering fertility laws into place.  However, as with most things government the road was to be muddled and long, or short as it turned out to be.  ON october 1st of 2012 the Agency was shut down due to ‘budget cuts’ but in the 6 years they functioned, there was very little done, and as reported:  “Those who work in the field weren’t surprised by the AHRC’s demise: founded in 2006, the agency has been barren for years.”  I can recall the numerous amounts of news media over the past 6 years about the agency and all of it was negative, and it seemed that the bottom line was that nothing was getting done.  In a National Post article it was said:  “agency finally opened its doors in 2006, but soon became a butt of complaints, seemingly achieving little of its mandate, while Prof. Baylis and two other board members quit in protest.”  What more is there to say…”

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The One Off Club Sucks

Azoospermia (Male Infertility) “Rare”,  Anencephaly “One-Off”, Vitiligo “Uncommon”, Von Willebrand Disease “Underdiagnosed and rare”.

These were just a few of the fun new words and terms that were thrown at me as we struggled through infertility, having kids and now being a family that is raising 3 beautiful children.

It started out with us finding out that Male Infertility was the reason we were not getting pregnant.  I clearly remember the phone conversation I had with our doctor when he told me, his exact, cold, uncaring words to me were “Your Husband Will Never Provide You With Children”!  It cut me so deeply and it made feel sick.  The next few days after that were filled with disbelief, sadness and loss. Over the next few months we agonized through sperm analysis and waited months to finally see Dr Keith Jarvi, Head of Division of Urology, Mount Sinai Hospital, in hopes of receiving good news, news that some how we would be able to find some viable sperm we could use to start our family with.  Unfortunately we were instead introduced to the term “Undiagnosed Azoospermia“.  He told us he could have 10 men with the diagnosis of Azoospermia standing in front of him, and he could tell the other 9 why they had Azoospermia, but my husband, he had no answer for.  It was “RARE”

A year or so later, after much research, we decided to go forward with a sperm donor.  After several IUI’s we got the fantastic news that I was pregnant.  Joy, finally after years of trying we were going to be a family. Fast forward several months, time to do an Amniocentesis.  The baby had been doing fairly well at check ups, I was feeling ok, regular morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms.  The tech who was doing the initial ultrasound before the doctor would come in and complete the procedure said they would not be proceeding because the baby was not measuring large enough.  We were confused, to do the amnio baby had to be between 14-16 weeks, we knew the exact date of conception and we were right on target.  But the baby in my tummy according to the ultrasound was only measuring around 12 weeks.  Long story short, baby was diagnosed with Anencephaly, a very rare diagnosis, as our doctor called it a “One Off”.  I gave birth to a still born baby at 21 weeks.  After years of infertility, we had lost our baby and were now part of 2 rare groups of “Uncommon” diagnosis.

As we were grieving the loss of our baby, of starting over, of infertility, I noticed that I was starting to get small patches of skin that were getting increasingly whiter, the pigmentation in my skin was slowly starting to disappear.  I went to the doctor and he said that it was called Vitiligo  a condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin, there really is no answer as to why people develop this and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.  You guessed it, another rare diagnosis, only about 1% of the population have this.  By this point I was starting to get tired of being part of the “One Off Club”, “The 1% Club”, “The 1 in a Million Club”.

As the years go on, we move on, and finally with a new donor we get pregnant again.  Happy but very nervous we cautiously proceed, and 40 some weeks later via emergency c-section we meet our amazing little miracle, MJ.  Born 8 beautiful pounds and healthy, she was perfect.  We were taken down to our room to recover and get to know each other, but unfortunately I became very, very ill.  My fever spiked so high and I really do not remember much of the next few days.  I was told that I would not stop bleeding and that they could not tell why.  After several days my fever went away as fast as it had risen and I seemed fine and unscathed by the whole event.  We were sent home, me a new mom who was thrilled to finally be able to have that title.  We were Mommy and Daddy and we had Baby.  But as the months went on I kept bleeding and my Doctor suggested that I might have something called Von Willebrand Disease, a fairly uncommon bleeding disorder that goes largely under diagnosed.  The only reason he thought of it was because his receptionist had just been diagnosed with it.  So here we go again, specialists, tests and another “One Off” diagnosis.  Not to mention that I had also been diagnosed with Endometriosis, that was further aggravated by this newly discovered bleeding disorder. This was really starting to Suck Big Time!

OK, so my husband has Unexplained Azoospermia, our first pregnancy ended with a still born who had Anencephaly, my skin was now about 40% covered with Vitiligo, and I had a Von Willebrand Disease a bleeding disorder……WOW, I think we were officially Gold Members of the “One Off Club”

This post may be seen as me complaining about the woes in my life, but I assure it is not, life goes on and with it we adapt and adjust to our circumstances.  We went on to have 2 more beautiful babies, boy/girl twins The Boy and Sparky, and we live a great life.  It is filled with a ton of laughter and a ton of screaming, crying and fighting kids.  I would not have it any other way, except that I wish we did not have to be part of this silly club that has placed us with so many rare, uncommon and unexplained diagnosis.



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Could a California bill make going from sperm donor to father as easy as filling out a form?

California legislators are hoping to make resolving the tricky issue of parental rights as easy as filling out a form.

Want to make sure a sperm donor can’t claim to be a father? Check here. And vice versa. Or at least that’s the hope of the “Modern Family Act.”

But can you really check a box to sign away your rights to a child? Perhaps, but it’s probably not going to be that easy.

Click link to read full article.

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