New Canadian Fertility App

I was on the twitter tonight and saw a great tweet about a new App for Canadians. Paula Shuck over at put up a post explaining the new App called Trymester APP  and an invite to a to a twitter party that will answer all your questions about it and more. “Are you striving to get pregnant … [Read more…]

Three Person IVF – And Why Canadians Need To Start Hearing About This!

I recently read Sarah R. Cohen’s Post on this topic:  “Three Person IVF in Canada – and why you aren’t hearing about it”. She writes:   “So, when there is such potential benefit to this therapy, why aren’t we even having this discussion in Canada? Because it is very likely illegal.  Pursuant to the always problematic Assisted … [Read more…]

The One Off Club Sucks

Azoospermia (Male Infertility) “Rare”,  Anencephaly “One-Off”, Vitiligo “Uncommon”, Von Willebrand Disease “Underdiagnosed and rare”. These were just a few of the fun new words and terms that were thrown at me as we struggled through infertility, having kids and now being a family that is raising 3 beautiful children. It started out with us finding … [Read more…]

Could a California bill make going from sperm donor to father as easy as filling out a form?

California legislators are hoping to make resolving the tricky issue of parental rights as easy as filling out a form. Want to make sure a sperm donor can’t claim to be a father? Check here. And vice versa. Or at least that’s the hope of the “Modern Family Act.” But can you really check a box … [Read more…]

Chemicals in soap ’cause male infertility’

Chemicals in common household products such as toothpaste, soap and plastic toys have a direct impact on human sperm which could help explain rising levels of male infertility, scientists have found. One in three “non-toxic” chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items significantly affected the potency of sperm cells, which may account for the … [Read more…]

“Ontario To Fund In-Vitro Fertilization”

On seeing the headline “Ontario To Fund In-Vitro Fertilization” in the National Post, it first seems like a triumph for IVF patients, and possibly once the formal announcement is made this will be a very positive thing for many heterosexual couples who desperately want to have children and cannot without the help of fertility treatments. But … [Read more…]

UPDATE: DNA, Genetics and Half-Siblings are all we have to put the Puzzle Pieces together!

UPDATE:  Even though I wrote this post sometime ago, it still rings significant in my mind today, as I look at my kids, more then a year older then when I first posted it. It is a post that reminds me that we will forever be searching for answers. When I originally wrote this I … [Read more…]

“What to Say When Your Child Asks Where Babies Come From” Especially when those babies are Donor Conceived

I was interviewed for an article in the Canadian Family magazine and although it did not end up being exactly what I thought it would be I hope it is a start for people finding me, those who want to talk and share and ask questions and make the whole donor conception world a little … [Read more…]