Home decoration can be both a fun and labour intensive project. It can create stunning results in your home but it will also need some consideration and planning. A well thought our design can be something a lot of people will appreciate for a long time so it is important to pay some extra attention to what you do. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when decorating your home.

The colours

Colours are a basis for any design and it can make or break an interior space. It’s important to start off your design with a set colour palette and try to stick to it. Here are ready-made colour pallets available online but if you are feeling adventurous you can always come up with your own. However, be careful when choosing a colour palette as different people might react to it differently. Once you select your colours you can start thinking of ways incorporate them into your design from cement renderingto the cushion covers you use.

Walls and floor

These might not seem like they do much but the floor and walls of a room can have a big effect on how the room looks. It is usually advised to have a light and more toned down colour for your walls as this creates a spacious feeling and can be easy to look at in the long term. Pay close attention to the texture as well. By using methods like a nice house rendering you can introduce some nice textures which can add a sense of elegance.


The other elephant in the room would be the furniture. They usually take up most of the space and can have a big effect on the overall look. If you are at liberty to choose furniture based on your design make sure it matches your design but will also allow room for things to be changed in the future. Go for what you absolutely need and don’t try to fill the space with more. An open spacious room is always better than one filled with furniture.


Finally comes the decorations. If you use the right things when designing the room you might not even need decorations but it’s always nice to have something extra and when choosing decorations make sure things match your overall design. The other thing you need to remember is that anything can be a decoration.