Food preparation can be messy sometimes, while cutting those ripe fruits, or chopping the veggies manually, while rinsing the meat before cooking or blending for smoothies aftermaths can be easily identified on the area below the cupboard, switchboard and the area above sink. Those liquid sprinkling spots on the wall area are annoying and are destroying the whole decorum of the kitchen area. Continuous cleaning of the walls with the wet cloth is not the permanent solution and if left for even 5 minutes those spots can become permanent stains, especially when one is handling fruits like ‘pomegranate’. They got you covered, No seriously they have a cover for this purpose and that technology is known as ‘Splashback’ 

This option is suitable to save the clean image of the kitchen area, there are plenty of types and options available which can be installed in the kitchen for safety. In common language ‘splashback’ is a cover on the side walls (found above the burner, below the sink and cupboard area) to protect the cooktop and areas prone to oil, greasy look and dirty patches can be saved and cleans with just a wipe. Splashback give a shiny, sharp and transparent look to the walls of the kitchen which not only look beautiful and elegant but also, give ease of cleaning. Although there are so many materials available in the market which can be used for splashback for example: Acrylic and glass. We will discuss only glass splashback in detail and not the Acrylic one. 

Glass splashback is sometimes fussy to use, because there are scenarios where one may break the glass shield on the wall. Actually a good quality customized glass splashback may cost around $350- $400 per square, the charges depends on the thickness of the glass too 3mm, 5mm and 6mm one can choose from other options too such as: Copper Splashback, Diamond kitchen tiles, Black glass splashbacks in Perth prices and Arabesque Tiles. Moreover, depends on the personal preferences of the client one can place an actually mirror Splashbacks too, which can beautify the overall look (one can put indoor plants there). It is important to take the thickness of the glass in consideration, especially when placing it behind the area which is close to heat (behind burners). Acrylic can be installed by oneself, without the professional help but one has to take some professional help for the glass splashback, as it is expensive and requires some technical skills like: cutting of the glass, installing without breaking the glass and the finishing of work. There are so many options in the market for this purpose, lamination and simple colored plastic splashback are also feasible, so in order to give a nice new look to your kitchen; try SPLASHBACK. glass-splash