Designing a place isn’t generally something that comes naturally to us, unless of course you are a pro at it. Otherwise generally we tend to stick with band or celebrity posters hung here and about, the computer chair ever so gracefully demonstrating its weight bearing limits by holding on to that never ending pile of laundry or may be even that yearlong cobweb adorning your room turning it into the next best haunted room for Halloween! Yeah, that’s the perfect room for any lazy person, because why bother right, when it’s only going to be messed up all over again? Absolutely not! Your room is like your own personal cave, away from drama or prying eyes, it is where you can be yourself, look ugly and still feel beautiful all at the same time. And though arranging them to seem like those from the magazines isn’t exactly possible without having to spend thousands of dollars, doesn’t mean you have keep letting it be the dump it might be now. So here are some quick tips to help any non-designing amateur to decorate the perfect room to stay in, for the rest of the years to come!

The perfect lighting

So, when you are generally given your own room (especially if you are a teenager), there’s practically nothing you could do about the already adjusted lighting. Instead you could add in your own little sources of lighting to add an additional touch. Throw in some fairy lights or those weird floating oil glow in the dark lamps and such, to give a quirky yet personalized touch to your room. In fact, you could even consider pasting some cool glow in the dark stickers on your bedroom ceiling so that they look like stars once all the lights go off. You could hang some DIY golf ball lights made using, well, golf balls that cover the tiny lights on the electrical wires. Hang them on the standing mirrors Brisbane to give that vanity mirror look that almost anyone would love owning!

The bold coloring

Don’t be boring Brenda, instead go big and loud even with your color choices for the walls and entire room in general. Colors are everything, and they make even the most boring space awesome and vibrant if you know the right colors to choose. So choose the perfect bold colors to shade your room in, or you could go with an all-white look and spray paint some cool graffiti art, if you are good at doing them. if those don’t workout either, then the next best alternative would be to choose some fancy wallpaper with amazing art and designs of vibrant shades. You could even paste them on the blank space of your wall where you might have wall beds from Canberra attached. Be bold, be different and explore the ultimate possibilities of adding a little crazy to your room. After all, you are only going to be a teenager for a small part of your life and then it is the boring adult stage, unless of course, you are aiming at being the quirky adult!