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Physical spaces have proved to affect human psychology and also physiology. Working and living in a cramped space can make one miserable as well as ill. Various international human resource and labour conventions have dictated regulations of working spaces mainly due to this reason. Although even some well-known companies are negligent of these set protocols they are set merely due to the health reasons and basic well-being of employees and their human rights.Where you are located and how safe your premises are, can have a say in hiring.

Make the most of it

Hiring has become a tedious task in this day and age where many prefer to start their own businesses and resort to work from home options. Due to the flexibility most companies now are providing in their work schedules, attire, deadlines etc. there are select firms which youngsters specifically choose. So it is important to be noticed in the hiring arena with a tagine to attract the millennials as well as the veterans. You can target the sustainability front, environmental protection, work-life balance etc. But not only talking about it or promoting it, you need to show that you are serious about executing those as well. In that case everything from the office location, company building, building materials etc. have to be environmental-friendly. In Australia, you can reuse water and contact a professional asbestos disposal Melbourne or hire asbestos removal equipment to remove any harmful construction materials to redo the building floor or roof.

Employee welfare

Most employers seem to think that money is a strong factor when considering an employment opportunity. What they don’t understand is at a point, especially when they are choosing their first job, people will consider their wages. But as time goes on, you are matured and have experience in a certain area also you want to do some value-added service to an organization some people actually choose a lesser pay but higher satisfaction sort of jobs. So, no matter how much you offer them if your company culture is known to be bad or unhappy, word will spread and no one of value would want to join it. So when you are trying to lift an organization up, make sure first the processes, procedures and inner culture are in better shape. Positive results out of chaos are not heard of often.

Live up to it

If someone was promised a promotion and wasn’t delivered, it is no surprise that employee gets frustrated. If a certain worker is not good enough, having a fair appraisal and probably providing a training programme or some corrective action is suitable. But just “work them like slaves” and not reward them is bad form. This consistency should continue in every aspect. For example if you say you are environment friendly, don’t just grow some greenery in front of the building, but also get rid of unwanted materials such as asbestos with the help of an asbestos disposal services Melbourne,use solar power, recycle papers and more. If your objectives are moral the results will be positive. It is not easy to keep a group of very different humans involved and focused on one thing. But as a manager you definitely have to be creative in hiring that perfect team to have human resource management within the company give a positive experience.

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