Sperm Donor Identity Case Heads Back to Court with BC Government Appeal

Sperm Donor Identity Case Heads Back to Court with BC Government Appeal

I have to admit that I have been extremely vocal about this case here around my house, but I feel that if I voice my true opinions to the blogosphere and the social media surrounding this issue, I would have somewhat of an unpopular view.  Therefore, I find myself sitting and stewing over this one, mentally preparing myself for the backlash I might receive if/when I decide to write how I feel about men who were told they could have their anonymity pulled out from underneath them.   Hmmmmmm………

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Allison Rouble

I am a 41 year old Wife and DI Mom to 3 year old B/G Twins and a 4 year old daughter all born using anonymous donor sperm #BGM 9581 from xytex. I live with my wonderful Husband in Ontario, Canada. I am many things other then a Mom. I am a wicked dreamer, a mild mannered skunk hunter, a no nonsense chef, a lover of a glass of wine, a participating wife and a best friend. I started blogging about my crazy life as a mom to donor conceived kids back in 2009 when my first daughter was just 1 and I was trying for baby #2 (which ended up being twins). Now I write at GENdMOM.com about my life and issues having to do with the world of Donor Gametes, infertility, and the mess it can all sometimes be.

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