The drainage system is the most important part of every household. It may seem a lot difficult to learn everything that goes into the concept of drainage and plumbing. However, it is not as tough as some people make it seem. The basics are pretty simple. Freshwater enters your house and the wastewater leaves your house. Both these types of water come and leave through different pipes.

Below is a list of basic plumbing problems and what you can do to keep the situation in control.

  1. The faucets drip water continuously. Not only is it annoying, but it is also a waste of water and if the situation aggravates, it is rather costly too. It could be to the wrong installation of the faucets or the washer may have worn out.The washer might be damaged, torn, or dislodged too. This results in the washer not being able to seal the tap perfectly letting small amounts of water to pass through. If the faucets leak water, you can contact us and we would allocate our specialist plumber in yeppoon who would diagnose the issue and then later solve it.
  2. Clogged drains could be caused when hair and other objects which do not belong in the drain have build up in the drain over a while. Anything other than water does not pass through the drains thus clogging it. This results in the water not having enough space to pass through the drains. The only solution to this problem is to clear the drain of clogs. A plunger is an ideal tool that would help in this. Furthermore, you can buy chemical drain cleaners or even plumbing snakes which would remove the blockage and let the water run in the pipes freely. However, if you are still not able to do so, instead of waiting for the situation to aggravate, hire our commercial plumbers based ingladstone to do it for you. Our plumber would get to the root cause of this clogging and provide you with a solution to ensure it does not happen again.

3. There might be an issue with your water heater thermostat. This issue is rather easy to spot and comprehend. You need hot water but instead, you get smothered by cold water. Sometimes a leakage in your heater might be the root cause since not enough water would be there inside it. Sometimes it may be caused by a build-up or the exploding of sediment inside your heater. If your heater works on gas, check the pilot light to see if it is open. If it is open and you still do not get hot water, remove all the water from the water tank to get rid of the sediment. If the problems persist and the since the work related to heaters is rather dangerous, reach out to us at Nuflow and we will deploy our professional plumber who would identify the problem and work on it.