Everything which is elegant needs protection, which means that there must be some protected sheet or element which should be placed on the surface or item in order to make it safer, free from scratches and bents. Decking oil is something which can be described as polish for the wood; it provides protection, creates a shining effect and gives a completely new life for the wood. As the name suggests decking oil is something which was initially used on the ship decks, we all are aware that surface of the ship is made of wood, nice polished, cleaned and textured as if the whole deck is freshly made and never exposed to dust and dirt.

Usually after scrubbing the wood, after cutting of wood the overall surface of the wood leaves quite rough and exposed, which can be said to be exposed to dirt and dust. Hence brown color hard oil is poured in order to make it smooth and to make it a good nice clean look of the surface (which looks like a normal polish, shiny look). In order to apply the decking oil properly one has to see few things beforehand one has to examine that the targeted surface must be cleaned, before applying the decking oil the surface must be cleaned, if possible and feasible try to use washer (pressure washer) to clean all the greasy element too, because decking oil itself is quite greasy and slippery hence to apply the greasy element on something already greasy may ruin the overall catch and impact of the decking oil.

Moreover, there is a common misconception related to decking oil that it can be applied through normal paint brush but here problem is that the nature of the decking oil is pretty thin (thinner than paint and thicker than water) hence one just cannot use paint roller in order to apply the best decking oil. Furthermore, there is a recommendation to use a deck cleaner to remove all the extra stains, unwanted dust and dirt and once the deck cleaner is all dry and ready to be used, just apply the decking oil finally in order to give it a final shot. Plenty of brands are available out there which can be bought and applied, among all names Timber Stain is one of the best considering the durability, lasting effect and shiny look of the deck.

 Hence people usually opt decking oil rather than polish, because as per the study decking oil actually dissolves inside the molecules of wood and lasts till the end whereas polish most of the time vanishes away since it has some materials which have the ability to evaporate.