Cottages are always great to spend time with near and dear ones. You can visit a cottage home with your family or friends for a holiday and spend quality time away from the fast paced chaotic regular city life. Cottage homes have a feel of their own. The luxurious, vintage and spacious setting creates a certain mood that is unique to the cottage home. People visit cottage homes for holidaying.

Anyone will definitely want the home to have a cozy dining space. An outdoor breakfast table is one of the most beautiful things a cottage home can have. Along with all the necessary equipment, there must be enough space to move around in the home. So, planning to decorate a home like cottage is not an easy job. You can transform the whole aspect only with furniture purchasing from reputed furniture shops. A cottage is incomplete without timber furniture. It adds the vintage feeling to the cottage home.

Timber furniture in cottage houses creates a feel that is casual and rustic at the same time. It can easily transform the whole experience of staying in a holiday trip.There is lots of timber furniture to add in a cottage house to make it a special place. It has a romantic and cozy feel. Beds, cabinets and selves made of log, wicker, knotty pine or birch and desks Sydney are easily available in the market. Large rocking chairs made of wicker and wooden lamps can add greatly to a cottage style home. There are various ideas available for decorating a cottage home. Each idea has the charm of its own. In this blog we are going to discuss about those ideas to help you to choose the style that will suit you better.

English cottage:

The feeling of English cottage is basically that of a warm and cozy kind. It has an antiquated flavor that is inviting at the same time. These kinds of cottage designing include country style timber furniture which is chunky. Every furniture piece in this design is large and heavy and the setting includes antique accessories.

Rustic cottage:

This style is natural and simple. Along with timber furniture animal printed linen and wicker furniture is used.

Vintage cottage decoration:

The name suggests to the old kind of feeling the design have. Heavy and solid wooden furniture is painted with antique colours to create the vintage feel. The fabric always comes with some lace.

Beach cottage decoration:

It has the feel of the sea. The colours are used to create the beach feel. These cottage home designs come with wooden flooring and wicker or timber furniture.