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Panic Attack

This past weekend has been my first as an out and open DI Mom.  I have delved into the world of social networking with a blog, a Facebook page and a twitter account.  I am slowly navigating my way around and blabbing away about my story.  I was feeling amazing […]

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So Scary

This is the part of DI that I don’t like, news stories like this freak me out.  It seems like more and more of them pop up everyday and it just seems so inconceivable (no pun intended) that there are not more regulations placed onto the Sperm Banks and Fertility […]

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No Modesty Here

Freedom or Shit Storm?

I decided over the past few days to free myself.  To break the chains that I feel are confining me and tell it like it is.  I wouldn’t say being a DI Mom has been a secret, just something that I don’t openly talk about.  Close friends and family know […]

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Answer: About One Glass of Wine!

Questions:  “How long does it take for your kids to fall asleep?” Answer:  “About one glass of wine” I have been asked many times by other moms who are curious to know if the amount of time it is taking them to put their little monsters to bed is ‘normal’ […]

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Won’t let the kids Devour My Time Anymore

Hi all, it feels like years since I have blogged and I guess if I look at my last blog date it has been.  I am excited to be up and running again.  I am attempting to regain my blogging life with two 16 month olds and a 2 year […]

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When Do I Start Telling Her?

I am wondering about when I start telling my little girl about her situation. She is only 9 months old now, but the inevitable looms over me all the time and I am wondering what you other ladies have thought about when it comes to telling your little ones. Do […]

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TTC again and MY body is Misbehaving

So here I go again, trying to be a DI Mom twice over. Because it took me so long to start my family, I had decided that I wanted to try and get pregnant soon after our baby girl was born. We anticipated this event and purchased up the remainder […]

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A Rambling Quick Thought…..

Why are some people so baffled these days about what some of us have to do in order to have children.  It seems just fine if we are in a relationship with someone who already has children and we raise them like they are our own, or if we adopt, […]

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Why Am I On Here?

This is the question, Why I have I chosen to type about my life, about what makes me a little different then the majority of the other moms out there. Why am I airing my secrets, my private moments, my inane thoughts. I am doing it in an effort to […]

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