Gone are the days where a rabbit-eared antenna would sit atop a black and white, box-shaped television. Since the change to digital antennas, analogue antennas can no longer provide support for the free content broadcasted, and most people have been wondering whether to buy a digital antenna at all – especially given the increased reliance on streaming connections and the like. Here are some advantages that still prove the importance of antennas in any household today:

Free OTA content – one of the main reasons anyone would want to have an antenna installed for their television is the free content. ‘Over The Air’ (OTA) content refers to all television channels that are broadcasted in an uncompressed format so that any television with a working antenna connection may capture them. Unlike subscription connections, where the clients pay for the content, with OTA content, it is the advertisers who pay for advertising slots that fund the channel’s contents. As a result, you get premium content at no price, save for the digital TV antenna Wollongong.

Better broadcast signals – one of the biggest advantages that digital antennas offer you over cable connections and the like is the higher quality reception. This is because OTA television content is not compressed, whereas cable connections are compressed so as to provide subscription-only content. Uncompressed signals translate into better reception, which results in high definition content and an overall better sound quality.

Emergency broadcasts – another important reason as to why you should look into a digital antenna installation is because the government and local authorities still make use of televisions to broadcast important information and alerts during emergencies. This may mean storms, earthquakes or other similar natural hazards, or it may refer to terrorist attacks and the like. Whilst most people nowadays do own mobile phones and internet connections, it is still a good idea to have an antenna in the household for such situations.

Fewer interruptions – another advantage of digital antennas over cable connections is the fact that they are rarely interrupted. Whereas cable connections may suffer from black-outs and temporary interruptions, OTA content is often provided by major channels and companies that rarely, if ever, let any interruptions stop their content.

Local channels – another oft-cited advantage of having a TV antenna in your home is the ability to watch local channels. These often tend to not be included in any cable connection or paid connection (whereas most major channels that are also picked up by antennas can be viewed through these). Local channels are valuable because they can provide you with news reports and other information related to your immediate area, as opposed to national news and information. Not to add, most of these local channels also tend to stream old classics and the like, so if you are a fan of these, it is always a good idea to get an antenna installed.

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