Planning your dream bathroom? You might have plenty of ideas on how to exactly achieve this, but when confronted with the technical aspects and the room you have to work with, you might find the task much more difficult than you initially expected. But fear not – as long as you are patient and work with a professional, there is almost always a way to get your preferences in the picture. Here are some of the most common ideas and tips with regards to dream bathroom make overs:

Go for the two-wall layout – the layout is the first thing you need to concern yourself with when planning a bathroom design. The reason is simple enough – layout decides where your pipelines go, and they also decide how you will make use of the space you have. Generally put, the traditional restroom designs tend to follow either one of two types of layouts: the two-wall layout or the three-wall layout. As the name might imply, this basically refers to the positioning of bathroom ware with regards to the walls in the bathroom. The two-wall layout, for example, positions the toilet and the sink on one wall, and the tub and shower (or one of the two) on another wall. From a technical point of view, the two-wall layout is easily the recommended one, as it is not too difficult to design and is generally flexible. The three-wall layout, on the other hand, calls for more technical attention and can be generally expensive to plan (not to add, you want to have an experienced professional working with you for this).

Bath-tubs and the centre of attention – if you are planning a good luxury bathroom renovations, one of the easiest ways you can do this is by simply changing the centre of the attention in the room. If you have a tub (or plan to insert one), this will most likely be it. Depending on the type of bathtub you choose and the space you have in your room, you can even opt for one of the free-standing baths that are positioned in the middle of the room for added dramatic effect. Otherwise, you can have the tub embedded in another block to a side of the bathroom, with an expensive finish of marble or ceramic tile, to attract the attention to it.

Or luxury showers… – and if you are not one to enjoy bath bombs and relaxing soaks in the bathtub, that is also okay! You can instead opt for a luxury shower – like the ones present at spas and other luxurious hotels. These are often of the walk-in type and have a glass door or panel separating them from the rest of the bathroom. The bigger the space you can work with, the more options you can have for your shower: you can add ceiling showers for a waterfall effect, as well as body sprays if you want to have a relaxing shower without the need for a Jacuzzi tub.