In almost every house we are sure to find a basement and an attic, especially if it is a traditional house. Sometimes the attic can be down below but most of the time we would find it upstairs or made I to what we call a roof attic. There are a whole range of reasons for why you might need an attic at home. Having an attic at home is going to be a safe space for you to keep your things that you want to store. Sometimes you might not want to clutter up the rest of the house with things that belong to you in which case an attic is a good place for storage. Having an attic also improves the value of the house as well. But if you do have an attic upstairs how are you going to reach it? Most houses have ladders installed to climb in to their attics and this is an easy way of accessing the attic. If you want to do so as well here are three different types of ladders you can pick.

Wooden ladders

One of the most popular forms of ladders that are installed to gain access to an attic is a wooden ladder. Wooden roof attic ladders Perth are so popular and in demand for a few reasons. Wooden ladders can be customized according to your will and how your attic is situated. They can be wide and sturdy and some ladders can even carry the weight of three hundred pounds as well. It is a well-balanced form of ladder and easy to install and set.

Aluminum ladders

Next to wooden ladders, aluminum ladders are also a quite popular form of best attic storage solutions we can install at home. These ladders come in a longer form than wooden ladders and can go up to ten feet high. They are also capable of carrying around three hundred and fifty pounds of weight as well. When it comes to sturdiness, aluminum ladders are far sturdier than wooden ladders. Aluminum ladders can also be installed easily and also come with adjustable feet too which makes closing and opening it very easy.

Small opening ladder

While not as popular as a wooden ladder or aluminum ladder, small opening ladders are quite useful and are far more suitable for an attic opening inside a garage or in a hallway at home. They come with measurements as small as eighteen and twenty four inches and are extremely easy to install as well.