Today going green and incorporating something that is more or less close to the green theme, has become a trend around most parts of the world. This has led even floor materials to change, moving from a typical tile to a wooden floorboard. When it comes to wooden floorboards though, you need to always make sure that you take the right steps to maintain these so that they don’t eventually become a hindrance as time goes by. Here are some tips you could use in doing so.

Clean regularly

Unlike with a tiled floor, wooden floorboards have the possibility of becoming scratched and worn out easily. The reason is simply a result of not cleaning the floors regularly. So even if you have got to repair creaking floor do make sure that you still clean and care for these well. Not doing so could only result in further costs and expenses you would have to bear to get things redone!

Beware of water

Hardwood floors and water aren’t exactly the best of combinations you should be experimenting around with. This is because, as the water content in the floor boards increase it could result in having to fix squeaky floor boards that are soaked up and damaged. This is another problem adding in to your already draining wallet. So instead of doing so, you could merely use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum away anything in sight or use a lightly soaked rag instead to get rid of major stains. However, do make sure that you don’t overdo this as well. Once a week or twice a month would be more than sufficient. Try to stick to sweeping or vacuuming the dust and grime instead.

Be cautious of the furniture

One of the major problems that you would have to no doubt but face is scratching or scarring on the boards. These make any board look easily worn out and old, losing the luster and glamourous look you are trying so hard to create. So when you are handling the furniture in your home, around your floorboards, do make sure that you are extra cautious of whatever you do. If your furniture doesn’t already have in-built rubber stoppers or felt furniture tips, you can easily purchase them as required and attached it to the legs of your chairs and tables. This way in case you have to drag them about, they wouldn’t be scarring or scratching the floors in any way. It would also help a lot if you have got pets around your home, to have their nails trimmed so that there is no chance of those leading to any unwanted scratches, you should also wear the right kind of footwear as well. So use the above tips and maintain those wooden floors for a very long time!